Weekend Adventures!

Well, my husband finally was off this past weekend!  I was so excited!  We had a plan of just taking it easy and seeing where the day would take us!

First stop on the list was 30A.  Now, for those of you who do not know much about it let me tell you it is a nice place!  My husband and I love to go and walk around to the stores and see the Gulf.  I love it because there are palm trees everywhere!

We were headed there to attend the Farmer’s Market!   My husband and I love to shop at Farmer’s Markets and hope on day to be able to sell at them.   Plus, you never know what you will find while you are there!

We like to get goat soap!!  This time the kind we got was oatmeal and goat!  I absolutely love it!  A few other items we got were some bread, tomatoes, peppers, and of course the thing he can’t live without, honey.

It was a nice day so we walked around for a little bit and then started to get hungry.  My husband, being the great husband that he is, got me some crab claws!   It is one of my favorites! So, we sat by the beach and enjoyed each other’s company, the weather, and I really enjoyed those crab claws!

After we spent some time there my husband decided that he would take me to Panama City Beach, because I have never been.  So, on the way I saw it; A MERMAID SHOP!!!!!  My husband immediately said his famous line, “now don’t pee your pants.”  It was all things mermaid so I felt right at home while we were there!

We were back on the road again and on our way.  We got to Panama City and it was ok.  I was not as big of a fan as I am of my Fort Walton Beach/Destin area.  So, after we spent some time there we were headed back to our part of the Emerald Coast!

It was an amazing day!  We did not have much of an agenda and just took our time throughout the day!  I got to spend the whole day with my best friend and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend my day and life with!

I hope everyone finds that person to spend their days with!  It is my wish that you all have a blessed day!

~Mrs. Read


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