A Proud Moment

Well, I knew it would have to happen.  I had to drive in Florida by myself for the first time Sunday.  My husband had drill this past weekend so on Sunday morning I had to drive to worship service by myself.  I was very nervous but it was not that bad.  It could have been because it was early in the morning, but hey I will take it.

We had to get up early because he had to be at a different base than usual.  He drove to the base and I dropped him off.  I had some time to kill before Bible study began so I did what any other girl would do early in the morning, Wal-Mart run!  I needed to get a few things while I was out and I knew that this would be the perfect time.

Now, I was not able to do this drive on my own.  I had the help of the very lovely Moesha, that is my GPS.  She helps me when I get lost, although me and her did not see eye to eye once and she kept getting me lost out in the middle of nowhere.  It is all water under the bridge.

I got to the church building early but I did not care because I made and was not lost so I decided to stay put.   It was a nice sunny morning, then was time to go in.   This was the first time I had been without that husband of mine.

It was kind of funny because a lot of people did not recognize me without him.  Every time they see me is when I am with him but I did not have my name tag (husband) that morning.  I started just introducing myself as Nathan’s wife and then immediately it clicked who I was.  It was funny.

One of the members there snatched me right up and had me to sit with her and her husband.  So, I moved from my normal area that I sit in and off we went.  I was sitting there wishing I had Nathan with me.  I love having him next to me in worship!

I was listening to the message that was being given and the lady poked me and said, “Isn’t that Nathan?”  I quickly turned my head and there he was.  He had gotten there late so he went and took the Lord’s Supper.  After a few minutes I look up and he was on his way over to me.

I was so excited that he came!  They had gotten dismissed early and he was there even though he was late and could have very easily gone home until I got there.  He had gotten one of the guys that he works with to drop him off.

Let me tell you, I was a very proud wife in that moment.  My heart was very happy!

I am blessed to have that husband of mine and I would not trade him for anything in the world.  I am very blessed that God brought that man into my life and I am eternally grateful!  He makes me proud of him on a daily basis but that was one moment I won’t forget.

I know that it might not seem like a big thing that he did to most people, but it was a huge moment to me.  What may seem like the little moments to most people are the big moments that I cherish!   I hope that everyone has a blessed day!!!

~Mrs. Read





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