Simple Adventures

When you hear the word adventure you usually think that something grand and marvelous happened.   Well, not all adventures include big trips or exotic scenery.  Some of the greatest adventures are the simple ones; the things that nobody else gets to experience with you.

Today is a day that I love.  The husband and I get to go grocery shopping.  I know what you are thinking, who likes to go grocery shopping?  Well, when you have spent most of your time apart you look forward to the everyday things that you get to do together.

Nathan and I had a long distance relationship while we were dating.  Let me tell you right now it was not easy.  There was a lot of traveling, loss of sleep, and lots of money spent all for us to be together.  It is not for the faint of heart.

I never thought I could do this whole long distance thing until I found the one who was worth every second of the adventure.

There were times where we did not get to see each other for a couple of months and that was hard.  Sometimes we would drive hours just to get to see each other for less than a days time.  I remember when we first started dating, because of his job, we would talk at 4 in the morning because that would be the only time we could communicate because our schedules did not match up.

We were always on the go.  That is a big part of the reason I am so glad the traveling has slowed down and we get to do the simple things in life like grocery shopping and cooking.  Believe it or not one thing that we always wished we could do while we were dating was cook a meal together.  We were always on the road and never had a kitchen to work with.

I love getting to see him when he comes home from work for lunch and even better when he comes home for the day.  We have games nights and Bible studies together and enjoy walks with each other.  The simple adventures are my favorite.

I honestly never thought that I would be excited going grocery shopping or doing laundry but that man of mine made me appreciate the simple things in life that you can’t see or experience when you are always on the go.  I know it can seem overwhelming when you do it day in and day out but I hope everyone can appreciate and treasure the small things that you do in life because they are truly  grand adventures!!!!!

~Mrs. Read





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