Oh, I Don’t SNAKE So!

It was Friday, and you know what that means, we were leaving Florida to go home and work on our house!   I know who leaves the beach?  We have our own little slice of heaven, as we like to call it, a little over an hour away.  My amazing husband bought about 20 acres a few years ago and has been working on the land whenever he can.  He has built a small little cottage on there that we call home.

The property is out in the middle of nowhere and I do mean nowhere!  It is on a dirt road, that I got stuck on a few weeks ago while bringing my stuff down before we got married.  There is hardly anyone near where we live.  We live out in the country!!!

Well, when we got to the house the first thing that was started was the hearth, this is what our wood burning stove is going to sit on.  Nathan, is cutting and laying the stones himself and it looks amazing!!! I will post more as we finish it.

I started the cleaning.  My husband has been a bachelor for a while.  Oh, me ladies that is all I need to say.  Although was not a horrible messy man, he just did not have a woman in his life to help him, bless his heart.

The sun was getting ready to start going down and was time to cook supper.  It was grilling time!  I love me some grilled burgers, but we decided not to cook them on the grill.  Instead, Nathan, got a camp fire going and we cooked them over that.  The fire was just about ready and so I went to make the patties.  I was so excited about eating them I forgot to thaw the meat.  So, I yelled out the door at my husband, because when you live out in the middle of nowhere that is how you have to communicate.  He told me it was fine and said to just soak it in some water for a few minutes (he teaches me things that I have forgotten lol).

After thawing and seasoning the meat they were ready to be cooked.  We sat outside under the stars and cooked our food, and let me tell you some of the best burgers I have ever had!  I actually would love to be eating one right now since I have been thinking about them.

After we ate we went outside and sat by the fire under some amazing stars!  I love living out in the country to where you can just set up a fire and star gaze.  We talked for a while and just sat out there and enjoyed each other’s company.  I almost fell asleep because I was so relaxed.

It was time for  some sleep, or at least we thought we would get some.  A storm came through that night.  It had very strong winds and heavy rain.   We cannot forget the very loud thunder that scared me half to death.  It was so intense it set off Nathan’s car alarm a few times.  He laid there hoping it would go off itself so he would not have to go out in the storm to cut it off, which it eventually did.

The next morning started off with a yummy breakfast.  Nathan, who loves to cook, made cheese scrambled eggs with maple sausage.  It was some kind of yummy in my tummy.  The rest of the day consisted of more work and then it was time to make that journey back to Florida.

I was “trying” to be a good wife and start loading stuff in the car while he was still working on a few things.  Nathan was around the property taking care of some stuff and I had my arms full and I step out the door and what was about 2 feet from me?  A Big Snake!!!!!  I do not like snakes one bit!!!  It scared me!!!  Of course I screamed (so loud that it got the neighborhood dogs going, which we are no where near) and it took off.  Here comes my husband and asked what was wrong.  At first I could not get the words out and just pointed.

I finally was able to say that it was a snake.  So, this amazing husband of mine’s first question was where did it go.  It was not to kill it but he just wanted to see it.  It was a black racer, or at least I think that is what it was.  I don’t like any of them, even if there are good ones and bad ones.  He found this all funny.  I would not go outside for a while and if I did he had to go with me.

Before we left he wanted to pick some blackberries.  So, off he went.  I have some with me right now that I am not supposed to eat and let me tell you it is very hard.  I am under strict instructions they are for something else other than me eating them all right now.  Anyways, he was gone for about 30 minutes.

While he was gone I found my mermaid bell, yes mermaid bell.  He got it for our house that way we can ring it on the property and hear it if someone is out on the other side of the land.  So, I decided to try it out and I am a fan.  It is very loud and of course my husband came running.  Ladies, everyone should have a mermaid bell!!!

I think I am going to wrap it up and not let the thought of the burgers or blackberries get to my hunger or the thought of the snake make me want to pee my pants.   I hope everyone has a blessed day and finds the joys in the simple things of life!!  Until next time, who knows what will happen??

~Mrs. Read






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