Year By Year

I remember it just like it was yesterday.  It was a day that was full of nerves and fear of the unknown.  I didn’t know then what I was getting into, but I am so glad that I let this man come into my life.  He has changed me in ways that I did not know that I could be changed.

Today marks one year since this husband of mine and myself first laid eyes on each other in person.  He was training with the military and had the weekend off.  So, he decided that he would make that drive from Florida all the way up to northeast Mississippi to meet this girl who would later become his wife.

As I look back now I feel sorry for those who had to deal with my nervousness and freaking out moments that day.  I knew there was something about him, but I was coming face to face with the man I had waited for and I thought only existed in my dreams.  Everything had to go right.

I was helping with a Vacation Bible School that day, so that  was where he was going to meet me.  I was in a another part of the building when he got there and can still hear the girl’s voice when she came and told me that he was there.  Very anxiously I hurried to see him.  As I turned the corner my nerves all went away.  From the moment that I first met him, he has always had this calming effect on me.

Now, when you are going on a first date, attire is important.  I, of course, kept it classy.  I was in a millenium Falcon t-shirt and blue jeans.  I had to look good for my man!  I have always kept it real with him and have never changed who I am.  He has loved every bit of me, one t-shirt at a time.

The adventure that day had us start off meeting people at VBS and then on to meet people at work.  Then we were on our own not knowing where the day would take us.  He suggested that we head off to, Florence, Alabama.  So, away we go.  As we are going passed an exit I am telling him about what all is around the small town where I live.  I just so happen to mention there is a state park that has a swinging bridge.  He decides he must see it.  This is the part of the story where you que the U-turn in the middle of the road.

We went to the park, went hiking around, and he got to go across the bridge.  After about an hour we were back on the road again.  We stopped for lunch at an Italian restaurant and walked around downtown Florence.  We stopped at a few antique shops/ flea markets, which is a favorite stop that we always like to make.   He wanted to go see a movie, so we got some frozen yogurt and then sat through a movie that was very boring.  I can say that because that man of mine fell asleep and slept through most of it.  When he woke up he tried to pretend like he did not.  I did not want to wake him because I knew he was so tired from all of the driving.

Well, we went back to Mississippi and parted ways for the night.  The next morning we went to worship together and then he met my entire family for lunch.  The first time he ever held my hand was in front of my family while we prayed for the food.  Yea, I got goosebumps.   I thought to myself man he is brave.

After that would come the first of many goodbyes over the next year.  I was not prepared to say goodbye to him.  He gave me a big hug and kissed me on the forehead and we parted ways.  Of course I cried on my way home.  I would not see him for another month.

Fast forward a year and here we are.  I am married to that wonderful man who one year ago today I took a chance with and have fallen more and more in love with  every day since.  I know this post may seem like a lovey dovey post all about my first date with my husband and you would be right.  Our first date was not an over the top affair, but if you know either one of us, you know we are very simple people.  I hope everybody  is as blessed as I am to find the love of their life someday.

Everyday is an adventure with this husband of mine and I would not trade him for all the mermaids or cheesecake in the world!!! I hope for many more years with this man of mine!!!

~Mrs. Read



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