A Grand Adventure Begins

Well, I have started a new adventure.  It is not one that I thought that I would ever be blessed with, but God, being the amazing God that He is knew better.  He has blessed me in ways that I would have never thought I could be.

I began my new adventure a little over a week ago.  It all started the day that I became Mrs. Read!  I still have to get used to saying that.  I remember the nervousness that I had the day of the wedding.  I kept pacing back and forth.  I was so excited and could not believe that I was blessed to be marrying my best friend.  The moment came when  I would get to see him for the first time since getting ready.  All of my nerves went away the moment his eyes met mine.  I was looking into the eyes of the man that would take me on the greatest adventure I have ever been on.

The next week was a week to remember.  On our honeymoon we did something that not a lot of people do.  Of course if you know me at all the given place that I would have chosen would have hands down been Disney World.  What can I say, I am a mermaid at heart! Although, I would not have traded what we did for the world.

My husband is serving in the military and we knew we had to be back on base at a specific time.  So, what we did was make the journey from northeast Mississippi all the way down to Florida stopping at some of Alabama’s best kept secrets.  We saw everything from the Dismal’s Canyon to random dinosaurs on the side of the road (yes you read that right).  I got to step foot on  the movie set of Big Fish and visit the home of Bubba Blue (Bayou La Batre, Alabama) from Forest Gump.  It of course was filled with lots of seafood, ocean views, and let’s not forget MERMAIDS!

Everyday I got to witness something new that I had never seen before.  My husband, who planned the whole trip out without me knowing where the stops were, would tell me when we would stop, “Now don’t pee your pants.”  It may sound like something that you would tell your child, but I am just a big kid.  My face lit up a lot on the trip.  The places we stopped at were amazing and I would not have gotten to see them otherwise, but the best part was not the things I saw, but was the person who I saw them with.

It doesn’t matter where I go in this life because I know I have the most amazing man in the world to go with me.  Everyday is an adventure and I am glad he chose me to go on it with him.  I hope you will join us on our many adventures.  There are bound to be tears of laughter and tears of sorrow, but trust me it will be An Adventure Worth READ-ing!!!!

~Mrs. Read


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